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What is it ?

Tired of closing and jumping between multiple popup windows, thousands of stupid links on a single page, sites without real content and only ads, etc… ? IntelliTamper is a small and easy-to-use program which will tell you what is really behind any Web site.

Just type in the address, let the IntelliTamper spider works and read the pages for you, and you will be able to access the files and browse the folders like if they were on your own hard-disk !

IntelliTamper is also able to scan a website for unlisted files and folders with a dictionnary based scan. Results are displayed in real time in the window with various informations on progression. Files and folders found are displayed in a friendly mini Windows-Explorer. You can then open links found on pages in your browser, send emails to addresses found on pages, open distant files and save them to your harddisk.

How it works ?

Just type in the address of a web site and IntelliTamper will scan all HTML files, extract links to others files and then search for non-public files and folders.

Nothing is saved to your harddisk until you select a file to download.

The public scan is based on precise and recursive HTML analysis, then a dictionnary of common files and folders names is used to try to discover hidden parts of the server.

You can then select any found files and download them without having to display and read the original HTML page.

IntelliTamper has been successfully tested under Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000. It should work under Windows 95, but no support will be provided.

Features :

– Find links in HTML files, Javascript (partial), Macromedia Flash SWF files (partial).
– Upto 30 simultaneous threads downloading files from web site.
– Proxy server support.
– Support for password-protected sites.
– Simple and efficient “Explorer” interface. Display folders, files and extra-links found (emails…).
– Selective download of found files or full folder.
– Discover hidden files and folders with a words dictionary search.
– Direct access for every files to open them directly in your browser or additionnal software.

How much it costs ?

Nothing ! IntelliTamper is a freeware program, feel free to distribute it all around the world as long as the program remain unmodified, catalog and documentation files can be modified only for a translation purpose with the program’s author permission.

Known limits

Links enclosed in VisualBasicScript are not parsed at the moment and will be ignored. Javascript is lightly parsed to find some links, but it is far not complete.

When trying to discover hidden files and folders on web sites like, they will accept every name you give them, without return a 404 error code if the page doesn’t exist. So the program will display all files and all folders in dictionnaries, even if they don’t really exist on the web site.

Many web servers don’t really respect the HTTP protocol and may have weird attitudes facing to IntelliTamper demands. The immediate effect is often a program crash and a classic Windows error. So you must be patient and please email me web sites addresses giving such errors, thanks 😉

Dynamic files (like PHP, ASP, etc…) act like folders if you try to call them with a slash. I have included many known extensions of dynamic files to ignore them as folders, but it is possible that program show you unknown dynamic files as folders in the listing.

Warning : Please read

This program has not been designed to be a Web site “plague tool”, but it should not be used blindly on any web site. The perfect method would be to ask first to the webmaster of the web site you plan to scan if you can do it or not…. In anyway the author can not be liable of any misuse of IntelliTamper, of any data lose or any problem that could result of the use of this program.

You must be aware that using this program on a web site can overload the server and slow down its normal use by others users. It will generate many entries in Logs server files. If the program finds an admin panel on a web site, it will follow every links on it, and may destroy accounts, files and others things !

You must be aware that many web sites servers use heavy logs analyzers to check if nobody is trying to “hack” the site. When you use this program your IP is not masked, and trying to discover hidden files or folders on a site could be interpreted as a “hacking method”…